Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Facts about Maine ~ The Pine Tree State

Welcome Postcard Swap Participants!

We hope you enjoyed the facts we chose to include on the postcards. Here they are again in case you need them:
* Population in 2000: 1,274,923
* 16 Counties
* 33,215 square miles of land
* Became the 23rd State on 3/15/1820
* More than 60 lighthouses along 3,500 miles of coastline
* Largest lobster-producing state in the nation
* Over 60,000 acres of wild blueberries

A little more information we couldn't fit on the postcards:
* Forest: 17 million acres
* Persons per Square Mile: 41.3
* Largest City: Portland
* State Capital: Augusta
* State bird: Chickadee
* State tree: White Pine
* State of Maine song
* More facts about Maine and

These are the websites we referenced (and our Google searches) where you can learn more:
Maine Facts & History
Wild Blueberry Home Page (Googled "blueberries in Maine")
Lighthouses - Maine Office of Tourism (Googled "lighthouses in Maine")
Lobstering History (Googled "lobstering in Maine")

Sites for more information:
Counties, land sizes, and populations
Bush compound (Wikipedia)
Moose facts in Maine
Portland, the largest city in Maine and the old state capital
Augusta, the current state capital
History of Maine state parks

Thanks for visiting our site and learning more about the great state of Maine!
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  1. We are part of a postcard swap too! Did most everyone in your swap blog about it? I so wish that had happened in ours. But it still has been fun receiving mail!

  2. Some people did. It's been great to learn about all the states, and, of course, the kids have LOVED getting mail!!

  3. Just saw your link over at Tanya's blog. Haven't really been keeping up with our postcard lessons because of the baby being born right when this was starting (bad timing on my part) I plan on starting lessons with the girls in a couple of weeks when we finish the last two letters of the alphabet. I have a pile of postcards sitting right here waiting to be added to our map wall. I can't wait because then I will be posting about it and we will work on our books too. Have you gotten postcards for all the statesthat we should have by now, because I don't think I have.

  4. Honestly, I've been putting them in a pile. :) I think there have been weeks where I didn't get postcards, but I know there was at least one week I got 3! I don't have a wall big enough for a map, but I want to get a notebook with those photo holder pages to organize them in. I'll know then what I'm missing. :)


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