Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pizza Trials

The other day I attempted to make home made whole wheat pizza dough. I think I'm going to have to find a different recipe, though, because it looked like this after trying to knead it, spread it, and pre-bake it.
Tasty, no? I didn't think so. The dough didn't all incorporate, and it was all lumpy and not at all smooth.

It looked a little better after putting toppings on it (even though I forgot to put the sauce on first).

The kids liked it, but my tummy thought it was a bit tough, doughy, and yeasty. Anyone have a recipe I can try? Or maybe I should let the bread machine do the kneading?

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  1. I stink at all kinds of pizza dough. My husband is the homemade pizza maker in our home.


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