Friday, October 15, 2010

Randomness and Schedules

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So, I haven't posted in a while. It's been soccer season. And birthday season. Seriously. Four birthdays in our extended family from Sept 1 through mid-October. And we have a new foster beagle that's needed more attention that others. So that's what I've been doing along with the normal school, work, etc stuff, and why...

I'm tired. Not in a "I need to get more sleep" way (which I do need), but as in "I'd really like at least 3 days to sleep and get those things done that are hanging over my head." I had Monday off. Didn't do anything I wanted to do but did finish a big job that needed to be done. Why do 4 day weeks take so much longer to go by than 5 day weeks?

We're working on a new afternoon schedule. The 2 younger kids are fighting it at every turn. I asked their advice for an afternoon schedule ('cause you know they'd just come home from school and play computer games or watch tv or play until dinner). Then I took some of their suggestions and made a compromise afternoon schedule. And they still play when they get home. Then at bedtime, they say they need to do their homework. And I say "No, homework time was earlier." And we have meltdown. I would have thought that after 3 nights it would have gotten easier, but not so much. With the youngest being 9, I think they should be old enough to follow a schedule and get their homework and chores done. I still allow time for rest and fun, but I'm getting tired of telling them to do their homework and then they complain at bedtime that it's not done and it "HAAAAASSS" to be done by morning. Seriously. And I'm tired of bedtime when I "remind" them 5 times that they should be in bed. Or heaven forbid they should need a shower first.


So, I'm eagerly looking forward to them getting used to the schedule and actually following it. Hopefully I can last that long. Maybe this is why other attempts at schedules have all fallen by the side of the road...

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