Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Check out this stunning Facebook world map

Check out this stunning Facebook world map: "A lone Facebook intern has created a world map built solely from 10 million friendship pairings. Not bad for a new guy.

Have you ever wondered what 10 million friendships would look like on a world map? Well, a Facebook engineer has the answer for you. The map below was made by Paul Butler, an engineering intern at Facebook. In a blog post, he explains how he created this visualized representation of friendships. His quest began when he became curious as to whether country or physical location had a big impact on friendships. In other words, he wondered if people had a lot of friends who live far away from them, perhaps around the world. So he took a sample of 10 million friendship pairs from the Facebook database and made this image."

Click the above link to view the article & image. Very cool.

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