Thursday, February 24, 2011

FREE ebook selection

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I like to peruse the ebooks available and find the free ones. :) Today I've been looking at and finding lots of free ebooks that I've downloaded and added to my reading list (on the right). You don't need a Kindle to read them. You can download the Kindle app for your phone, iPad, or computer for free!

Our local school is starting to use the Kindles in class, and I've read that ereaders can help struggling readers. It's a less daunting format than holding a book with its many pages left to read, and some versions let you highlight unknown words and learn their pronunciations and meanings. Bonus - The eink doesn't disrupt your neurons before bed, so you can read in bed just like with a book! We are exploring the many versions of ereaders and expect to buy one in the near future for our struggling readers.

Check it out and get reading!

Bestsellers in Kindle ebooks (Some FREE!)

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