Monday, April 25, 2011

Book Review: The Helper by Catherine Marshall

The Helper by Catherine Marshall is a wonderful study on the Holy Spirit. She explains Who the Holy Spirit is and how to receive the Holy Spirit. Do we automatically receive the Holy Spirit when we "become saved"? She relies on scripture as the basis of her points and weaves in stories from her experience as supporting evidence. This book was written in 1978, and I found the "history" to be fascinating. Stories you probably haven't heard about people you have heard about. She goes in depth into different aspects of the Holy Spirit. How does He minister to us? What about the fruit of the Spirit? Does my church operate in the Spirit?

Broken up into chapters ending with scripture, a thought or quote, and a prayer, this is a great devotional book for a self or group study. I highly recommend it.

I obtained this book on my own. I have not been asked by anyone to write a review.

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