Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Doctor’s Viewpoint: Pesticides

Pesticide Application in ProgressImage by ken mccown via Flickr
Very interesting read...

Dr. Phil Landrigan, Mount Sinai School of Medicine:

As long ago as 1979 the Surgeon General's Report on Health Promotion and Disease Prevention remarked, 'There is virtually no major chronic disease to which environmental factors do not contribute, either directly or indirectly.'

Children are more susceptible than adults to these environmental risks because of their physiology and behavior. They not only eat and drink more but they breathe more air in proportion to their body weight. A child's increased contact with floors, soil in lawns and playgrounds, and frequent hand to mouth activity dramatically increases the chances of exposure. Children are being exposed to pesticides in their homes, yards, day care settings and schools. About one-fourth of the over 1 billion pounds of pesticides used annually in the United States are applied in these settings.

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