Friday, April 15, 2011

Toxics In Our Kids’ Foods: Where Is The FDA?

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I knew about the link between food colorings and ADD/ADHD and food allergies. However, I had not heard about the cancer link. I knew there would probably be a link. I mean, they're petroleum-based! Blech. Question: If these same companies already have the same products available for purchase in other countries that do not contain these colorings, how come they still offer us the crap??

Last week, in the face of a just-released report by the National Cancer Institute that showed a 9.4% increase in childhood cancer between 1992 and 2007, the FDA let moms and dads all across America down. Instead of making the long overdue move to do something serious about getting rid of toxic food dyes so ubiquitous in our food supply, they instead fell back on those two simple words so often used to stall, delay and deny: 'more research.'

In kitchens across this country, eight dyes, currently being used by manufacturers, can be found in everything from packaged macaroni and cheese to breakfast cereal to practically every piece of candy your child has ever put in his or her mouth. Links are being found to hyperactivity in kids (ADHD), cancer and serious food allergies.

But here is the truly crazy thing. Kraft, Coca Cola and Wal-Mart have already removed these artificial food colors and dyes from the same products that they distribute in other countries. They did it in response to consumer demand and an extraordinary study called the Southampton Study.

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