Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cure for the Common Life by Max Lucado

Cure for the Common Life
by Max Lucado

If you are wondering why life seems to be day-in and day-out, maybe you need a Cure for the Common Life! Max Lucado does a great job bringing you through the thought process of what you've enjoyed doing as a child, teen, and young adult. By following the S.T.O.R.Y. of your life, you can gain insights in what your God-given talents are. What you enjoyed then, can give you keys to what you would enjoy now. What have you done where time seemed to stop -- or fly by? What can you throw yourself into and doesn't seem like work? How can you turn that into your life's work? God gave you gifts to perform jobs only you can do. If you don't fill your niche, there will be a hole in God's design. By following the bent that God planted in you, you find your sweet spot. The sweet spot where work seems like play, and you enjoy Mondays again.

This book was wonderful and a quick read. I would recommend High Schoolers read it before deciding on a college major; adults should read it to avoid dreaded Mondays; and anyone who is searching for what to do “when they grow up.” The bonus in the back is 2 sets of worksheets that help you work through your gifts and point out your talents. Max Lucado has provided another wonderful resource!

BookSneeze® has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book. All opinions are my own.
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