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Kids & the color of food

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This is an article I would have liked to have read when my kids were little. They are good eaters overall, but we have run into some "I don't like that" issues. Color isn't one I've considered, but I could see it coming up, especially in the case of my son on the Autism spectrum. Great ideas here.

Strategies for Countering Color Issues |

There will be a few struggles at the table with your child that have nothing to do with food. These often include; random refusals of longtime favorites, holding out for dessert or other foods instead of dinner, the macaroni and cheese strike where all other foods are refused except the one your child wants.
There are also genuine issues that kids develop toward some foods. One bitter taste of broccoli may sour your child on trying other green foods. The “strings” on a banana still send chills up my spouse’s spine. We can all name one experience that made us think we hated lima beans. These are real food issues, many of which can be solved in time with a bit of persistence, creativity and compromise.
The tricky part is trying to figure out the source of the issue — color, taste or texture — when your child is too young to express it herself.

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