Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Really?!? Bathroom App

What do you think about this??
App Lets Strangers Use Your Bathroom - ... for a small fee: "Apps continue to break new ground: The soon-to-launch CLOO' (a combination of community and loo) envisions a social potty network. Let's say you're in some city and need to use the bathroom. The app gives you a list of registered "hosts" who would let you stop by and use their facilities for a small fee, explains the Los Angeles Times. The creators tell CNET they hope to be operating early next year."
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I think for me it might depend how much of my house the stranger would have to walk through and how often I clean my bathroom. :)

Would you let a stranger use your bathroom?

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  1. I have read about this new application but I don't think it'll be a hit. Definitely, there'll be a few who'll allow strangers to use their bathroom. But the great majority; I doubt it.

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