Thursday, October 27, 2011

FOUND ALIVE!! Autistic boy still missing in VA

10/28/11 2:00pm -- Robert Wood, Jr. found alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you, Jesus!

10/28/11 update: Still searching

Are you in the area around VA? I'm not sure why this hasn't been picked up by national media yet...

Please spread the word and keep an eye out for this boy. 9 year old Robbie is autistic and non-verbal, so he can't ask for help. If he's on foot, he may still be in the area, but if he's been picked up by someone, we all need to keep our eyes open even outside VA!
Authorities in Hanover county continued to search without success overnight for 9-year-old Robert Wood Jr., an autistic boy who disappeared Sunday while on a walk with relatives.
Read more: 1,500 show up to help search for lost autistic boy

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