Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hurry up and weight

A study from the University of Helsinki, Department of Public Health, found that work fatigue and overtime (working 40+ hours a week) contributed to weight gain. They studied 7,000 women and 2,000 men, all 40 to 60 years old.

People with work fatigue reported that they 'feel totally worn out after a day at work', 'feel tired in the morning when they have to get up and go to work', 'have to work too hard', 'feel like totally exhausted', 'report that their work is definitely too stressful', and 'they worry about their work even when they are off duty'.

Read the full article for more information on the study published in the International Journal of Obesity.

Another study reported that "Stressing out can cause people to gain weight." This was from a study in the July 15 issue of the American Journal of Epidemiology. This study looked at the relationship between weight gain and multiple types of stress—job-related demands, difficulty paying bills, strained family relationships, depression or anxiety disorder—in the U.S. population.
"Today's economy is stressing people out, and stress has been linked to a number of illnesses —such as heart disease, high blood pressure and increased risk for cancer. This study shows that stress is also linked to weight gain,'' according to Jason Block, M.D., M.P.H., who conducted the research as a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health & Society Scholar® at Harvard University.
So... I guess we should focus on less stress along with our exercise!


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