Sunday, February 19, 2012

Buried under dishes

So... for the past 3 months (has it been that long??) We've lived like this (or worse)...

The dishwasher broke. Again. And this time, about a month into "life without a dishwasher" I fell and hurt my knee. Really hurt it. Like, can't walk on it. Immobilizer, crutches, sit-down-with-your-leg-up, ouch. After a month of that, I've graduated to a patellar brace that bends and being able to walk short distances without crutches. And I can stand up longer. Hence, I've been able to wash more dishes. :) My kids and hubby did a great job while I was completely down. But the dishes seem to keep multiplying!

I remembered what we did 4 years ago the last time our dishwasher broke. So we did it again. And the kids were actually happy to see it back! Now my counters are clean! (And my PDD/Aspergers child cleaned and rearranged all the appliances. But that's another story...) Now it looks more like this:

Each family member has their own section, with a place card, to store their cup, bowl, plate, knife, spoon, and fork. They have to wash them before they can use it again. All the other dishes are stacked under the counter. I'm not sure why you would really need more than 1 place setting per person in your family until you have company over, so maybe we'll keep it this way! Of course, it won't solve the entire problem (that would take everyone washing their dishes right away), but it certainly will help!

Blessings in your Adventure,


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