Monday, February 20, 2012

It would have gone much differently...

The kids and I were driving home Friday after dark. I had the green light all the way into a normally busy intersection, so I continued through. The opposite traffic was all going straight. As I reached the middle of the intersection, I saw a large truck turn toward me. Me, in a tiny tan Toyota with my 3 precious kids, saw a LARGE dark green MONSTER headed right at the driver's side of our car. They were turning into us! I did my best to swerve away from them and then turned to come around so I wouldn't hit the cars waiting to go through the other direction. (I'm sure they were hoping I didn't get hit either!) I stopped right next to a light pole and felt a thump from the back driver's side. The other driver didn't stop -- kept right on going! -- so I pulled out of the intersection to not block traffic and got out to check the car. I did't see anything by the street light, so I decided to keep going after leading the kids in a "Thank you, Jesus!" A couple of the kids were having panic attacks (the 4 of us were badly hit by another car in 2007). One kid said he was laughing on the inside, but I'm pretty sure that was from my "Need for Speed" driving. :) We mused that the bump we felt was our angel absorbing the impact for us. So so thankful for that angel!

We got most of the way to my parents' house and were going up a steep hill in a very dark section of road in the woods, and the car all of a sudden stops accelerating. I know there were turnouts behind us where I could safely pull off, so I rolled back down the hill but overshot the turnoff since I don't have headlights behind me. (Whose idea was that? :D ) So I think, let's try going forward a bit, and it went right up the hill! Again, thank you, Jesus!

Of course, by this time the kids in the back seat are complaining of wobbling like the tires will fall off... So at the top of the hill I pull over again and use my cell phone as a light to see the tires. Still not seeing anything, we continue to, and finally arrive at, my parents' house.

My wonderful Dad comes to give the car the once-over and all we find is a cracked mud flap and a dark green swipe on the back driver side quarter panel. Again, thank you, Jesus!

Without that angel and God's loving protection, the evening would have gone much differently.

This picture will be going in our Memorial Album along with the story. When we need a reminder of God's protection, we can read the story and remember.

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"For what You have done I will always praise you in the presence of Your faithful people. And I will hope in Your name, for Your name is good."
Psalm 52:9

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  1. what a great story of His protection!!!! so thankful that y'all were protected!

  2. Whooa. Grateful for God's divine protection that day. You are so right, things could have turned out so much different. Faithful God. Always. Thank you for posting...Much love, Linny xo

  3. I am so thankful that you and your children were protected- what a miracle! God always has His eyes upon us, even as we sleep, He is the loving Father protecting us in the midst of things that we can't control. It's wonderful not only that you all are safe, but that the damage to your car was so minimal- truly what a miracle!


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