Monday, March 26, 2012

News on #Autism

Saw 2 new interesting articles on Autism:
Today, the Interactive Autism Network (IAN), , the nation's largest online autism research initiative and a project of the Kennedy Krieger Institute, reports preliminary results of the first national survey to examine the impact of bullying on children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). The results show that 63 percent of children with ASD have been bullied at some point in their lives. These children, who are sometimes intentionally "triggered" into meltdowns or aggressive outbursts by peers, are bullied three times more frequently than their siblings who do not have ASD. Read the rest of the article.

So in light of that, is there anything we can do to lessen our kids' autism? Read this...
We often think of autism as a disorder of the brain. And it certainly is. But a new book, “The Autism Revolution,” (Random House) by Dr. Martha Herbert, an autism expert and pediatric neurologist at Massachusetts General Hospital, and CommonHealth writer Karen Weintraub asserts a more comprehensive and wholistic view in which autism is really a condition of the whole body and should be treated with that in mind. 
Here is an excerpt from the book. 
I ordered a copy for my e-reader, and it will be available tomorrow.
UPDATE: Read my review of this important book.

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