Monday, July 9, 2012

Road ID: A great idea for everyone!

Why would my family need id bracelets?

The Road ID was created originally to protect athletes with no good place to carry id or contact information. I know when I would go out to run, I would always try to stick my driver's license somewhere. Not so easy when you don't have any pockets! And if I did find some place to stash an id (like in my mp3 holder), would emergency personnel think to look there?

Many sports enthusiasts and athletes in an accident arrive at the ER as a "John" or "Jane Doe." Without a way to identify them, appropriate care can be delayed while doctors try to learn, or guess, what medical conditions or medications are present.

If you exercise with someone else, do they know your medications and medical history?

I can think of many other situations that these would come in handy.

  • Do you have an autistic child that wanders?
  • Or a toddler that might step away from you in a crowd?
  • If your kids are with relatives or friends and get hurt, would the adults know your child's important medical history that the doctors would need?
  • You can even attach them to your pet's 1" wide collar or bridle!

The Road ID is a great, inexpensive way to get piece of mind!

The "original" style Road ID gives you enough lines to list a couple of emergency contacts. However, I am going for the interactive version for our family. The interactive version quickly provides important medical information to medical personnel for only $10 a year! If I have to take one of my kids to the ER, I won't have to stop and think to pick up his medical binder that holds his medication list and important medical history and diagnoses notes. The ER can contact Road ID and get all the information that I've added to his profile.

The Wrist Band Slim looks similar to a cause bracelet, only costs $15.99, and their shipping is $1.49 -- per order! -- to the US and Canada!

Click to learn more:

Do you have a Road ID bracelet? Please post a comment below and let me know how you like it!

I was not asked to write this article. When I heard of the service, I wanted to share it. After my article posted, RoadID's owners read it and sent me a t-shirt as a thank you.


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