Tuesday, February 19, 2013

2/19 Tuesday in Ethiopia

Women and Ben visited orthodox church & museum. Today is annual memorial of Italian march. Having service with older military in uniform. People outside church praying by standing at the wall of the building and leaning their head on the building. Take their shoes off before entering church.
Visited 2 little stores to shop. Danny translated for us and bargained for us. Small fight started in front of the last store. Woman washed her hands and dried them on the shawl that was for sale. She threw stone at people in front of the shop and then threw a stick at him. We quickly got in van.
Danny treated us to coffee and dessert at Kaldi's.
Men were at orphanage working on the coop. Finished pouring the concrete floor.
Went for a walk around the orphanage neighborhood. Cute little kids following us.
Saw a large pack of mice scurry from under the fence near the kitchen and into the field outside the fence. Pet a donkey. Pet baby goats. Helped herd sheep.
Did crafts with the kids
Stopped for dinner at Chicken Hut. They didn't have power but tried convincing us to stay and eat. Went to Kaldi's instead.

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