Saturday, February 16, 2013

Friday 2/15 in Ethiopia

Worked on school: gypsum (like plaster) for the walls proved difficult to work with as we had no experience with it. Painted 5 of 7 classroom ceilings. Will hire someone to work on the gypsum and hopefully we can learn and help him. An experienced tile layer Will come to work on putting the tile down on the veranda outside the classrooms.
Worked on chicken coop. Roof trusses made with Ethiopia builders.
Ordered pizza for lunch. You have to pay for the pizza boxes. Shared pizza and soda with the workers and the kids outside the gate.
Amharic lesson:
Ok = ishe
When kids got home from school we played with them, painted each other's nails, ate snack with them. We brought kites and taught them to fly them. They were playing multiple sports in a small area and kids would switch from one sport to another as the ball came by them. Buoy ball, volleyball, frisbee, football, kite flying. It is amazing the pure love these kids have for everyone. They attach themselves to their sponsor family as if they are blood relatives. They stay close to you and are always their when you turn around. They want to hold your hand, touch your hair, and be near you.
Came back to the guest house for dinner and had lasagna and Ethiopia injera and shira for the first time!
Wrapped the gifts for tomorrow's big birthday party. So much love for all of these beautiful kids!
Thought for the day: Seek the Lord above all things and He will give you the desires of your heart. When you seek the Lord, your heart desires come into line with His heart, almost without you knowing it.

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