Saturday, February 16, 2013

Saturday 2/16 in Ethiopia

We are seeing people thank and praise God for everything that is being given!
Amharic lesson:
Dad = abut
Mom = anut
Silly = suck
Cake = cake :-)
Gum = mah-stee-ka
Thank you = am-istay-ganada
Banana = Moosi
Tom (translator): Goats would be too distracted to go down a busy street. And you cannot put 2 goats together when moving them. That is why they walk their goats by holding up their hind legs like wheelbarrow. My thought: Thank God that Jesus didn't call us goats, but instead called us sheep!
Birthday party today! The kids had started decorating with balloons before we got there. They kept the table cloths from the party 2 years ago and laid them out for us! The kids received their presents and many held them tight and wanted to wait to open them. Once open, the ran to their rooms to hide them away as they are very special. They enjoyed the cake and soda we brought.
Big soccer game: H4H orphanage vs H4H drop in center

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