Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday 2/17 in Ethiopia

Out the van window: "Awww! Look at that tiny lamb!" {insert rocky road} "Oww!" "Was it cute enough for that?"
Church at Fekadu's church. Colossians 3:13-17; Matt 13:24-30
Young Ethiopian man in church said "I hope they will sing us a song." We had no idea what he said as no one translated that part. Steve spoke & had the team sing "I love you Lord"; God had Aimee pick a song that is one I can do in sign language. I hope God used it to help them understand. People in congregation were copying the signs.
Joel preached Colossians 1; Fekadu said that the message God gave Joel spoke to their situation.
All the time that we have been praying for things to move in the B's adoption and something to happen while we are here. They had a meeting today and another one this week. Pray that things continue moving forward!
Emotional morning - God is good!
Amazing lunch at Fekadu's house; Gave them presents to say thank you. Amazing to see them praise God for the gifts he provides.
Amharic lesson:
Blah = eat (said to a boy)
Blue = eat (said to a group)
Be = eat (said to a girl)
Steve met a women in airport with a sister who runs a hotel. Negotiating with hotel to leave Bibles. Asked how many rooms. 45. Counted Bibles we have. 45. We were able to leave them there!
1 Peter 3:15 - Bible verse on my phone for today
As we drive through Addis, the streets and scenes have become familiar. Too familiar? Piles of trash by the road... Burning trash by the road... People washing clothes on the sidewalk in buckets of water... People sleeping in the median...Goats and donkeys walking down the road in the middle of the traffic... Packs of dogs living in the fields and houses under construction, walking down the street and sleeping on the sidewalk... Smells of gasoline and diesel and burning plastic trash mixed with smells of bodies and urine... Little brown faces of kids too young to be on the streets by themselves - some only probably 3 years old... Children who haven't eaten since when... Children who dance with joy when you give them a few crackers and Moms who are so thankful... Moms holding children that are probably sick... What will the culture shock be like when we land in the US?

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