Saturday, February 16, 2013

Thursday 2/14 in Ethiopia

My posts Will be more streams of consciousness during the day as things happen. Hopefully they make some sense!
Land of contrast: new American clothes/old clothes/ET traditional; shacks next to a modern bank building next to nice stucco buildings with marble floors and walls
Took picture of boys' door at drop in center; young boy invited me in his room and wanted me to take a picture of the back of the door
Visited Hope for the Hopeless' church; shared crackers with kids; kids followed us in church; reaching out to neighborhood families
Met all the kids, played soccer with them, saw their beds, took pictures, saw the apple tree they each planted, many hugs - hello & goodbye from each child, almost cried leaving for the evening even though we Will see them after school tomorrow.
Habtamu has Zulalem translate our letters and has our picture on his clothing bin. He is shy because he doesnt know English and can't talk directly to me. He was very sad when we were leaving as he didn't know that we would be seeing us tomorrow.
Quote of the day: "Uh, there is a car coming." "That car is so far away that I am not worried about it."
How to get whiplash without getting into an accident: drive down an Ethiopia dirt road
Is it this bumpy dirt road? Nope. This bumpy dirt road. Or maybe this one. Welcome to Mexico.
We are going to need a bathroom very soon.

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