Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thursday 2/21 in Ethiopia

Good morning = Melachew
Our drivers: Bouzee (sp?), Dagoo (sp?)
Our translators: Tom, Danny
They put furs on the dashboard and rear window as the sun is too hot coming trough the glass. Driving lessons can start at 18. Usually takes 6 months of lessons. They have to know how to parallel park well!
Brush teeth with bottled water.
Don't flush toilet paper.
After we handed out crackers from the van, we leaned that it is legal to hand things out from a car as people were getting hurt by other cars. We learned that our driver could lose his license. So we will pass them out on the street instead. An Ethiopia woman in the neighborhood around the orphanage used to hatch, raise, and sell chickens. Then a soap factory from India was built nextdoor and the eggs wouldn't hatch and live. She now buys day old Chicks and raises/sells them.
Visit Kora (Leper Colony) - 500 kids; Kora Great Hope works with 25 families; Project 61 work with kids; leprosy and the poorest; searching scraps in the dump to sell. 140,000 people. Widow program of 44 people. Make paper & clay bead necklaces. Feeding center for kids - breakfast & lunch. Clinic here. Most of the workers here were born & grew up here.
How are you? = Selam machu
Javama = traditional Ethiopian coffee pot
Chickens are at the orphanage.
Said our "see you laters" to the kids. Everyone is crying. This part really sucks.
Picked up coffee. Ohhh it smells good.
Went to Yod Abisinya - a traditional restaurant with singing and dancing.

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  1. Yay for the coffee part. Boo for the sucky part.


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