Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wednesday 2/20 in Ethiopia

Yesterday stopped at a Christian mission complex. Went into the main room. Felt very strange to be in a room full of farangi (sounds like frenge = white people).
At end of every day - blowing nose or washing face is all black. Such dark dry dirt that flies up during wind storms and playing sports.
Market = markahdo
The kids don't let you carry your backpack or water bottle. Last night it was cool enough that they wanted their sweatshirt. It wasn't cool for me, but Johannes insisted i take his sweatshirt. They probably have just 1 sweatshirt and he was probably colder than I. And I had my sweatshirt in my bag. Yet he insisted and I didn't want to hurt his feelings. I will return it today and have to show him I brought mine. :)
You know it is a bad traffic jam when your Ethiopian driver sets the parking brake and the vehicles next to you are close enough to touch. Cars are honking worse than Boston, and we are on a hill in a standard transmission van. Our translator is having a conversation with the driver next to us. Jam caused by police directing traffic entering a traffic circle because there are so many cars.
Pulled over by policeman. They are allowed to pull over anyone exiting the city to check papers. He wanted to check our letter explaining our trip.
Painting the walls of the school classrooms. Paint is oil based for the walls. They usually mix it with gasoline. If you ask them why it is because they have always done it that way. The fumes are horrible!
It is hard not being able to help much with construction. I feel like I'm not doing much. Between neck stress painting the ceiling and the bad fumes of the wall paint, I'm off the construction crew. Thankfully we have crafts to get ready for the kids.
Crafts, acrobatics, gave out EBC shirts. Temesken gave me a tattoo (permanent marker). :)
Today is the last construction day. Tomorrow we rest and play with the kids. Please pray with us that our goodbyes tomorrow evening about 5-6pm local time are more "see you later". We expect it to be very difficult.


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