Monday, March 4, 2013

A dad's view of mom's trip to Ethiopia

A Dads Opinion

After being at home with my three kids for most of a week I found a new respect for my wife. On Tuesday February 12, 2013 my wife and a group of 14 left for Ethiopia, to help out an Orphanage with the construction of their school and chicken coop.

Tuesday after they left it was time to come home and roll out some new rules that went over like a lead balloon. C, youngest (girl), was so upset that she was bringing up every possible disaster that could happen. So after getting her calmed down we had the conversation of what does everyone want for dinner. Boy was that a mistake. Not only did I get 3 different answers but 3 incredibly upset people. So I decided and that just made things worse until they found out that we were going to Chili’s. Dad then became the hero by pocket book. This was a school night and I did not manage to get people into bed till 10. Tough day.

Wednesday. Now the tough time begins. At 7am up and time to get C out of bed to go to school. Boy, was this a surprise for her. I went in to say it’s time to get up at 805 and she started her normal screaming routine. She was warned and told she has 5 minutes to be out. Out of bed that is. Boy did she get a surprise when I was there 5 minutes later to take her out of bed. I do not think I have ever seen her move that fast. Dressed and out the door by 9 and at school by 905. We shocked the school secretary that C was there early. Had to straighten out a lunch money problem and get a note to her teacher. When I got done my head was spinning and I was still trying to figure out what I missed. Not even sure if I had indeed missed something. Went home to get the other two boys started on their work. That was a nightmare so I decided to change the way they did their current events. After listening to all of the complaining and excuses we got very little done. Then oops its 230 and I missed the time to pick up C. Through all of this still trying to get the check book balanced and the grocery list made. Bed time, yet, oh yeah, we need dinner. Tuna sounds good. Did I take a shower? That’s what I missed. oops.

Thursday. Got C up at 605, dressed, teeth brushed, hair combed and out the door at 7. Good morning so far. Checked out a car nearby before coming home. Both boys were up, beds made, teeth brushed, clean clothes, and breakfast eaten when I got home. Got school done including both boys got big projects started and no complaining. What a nice thing that was. J, oldest child (boy), got sick from new medication that was not fun. Grocery shopping done under budget, until I got home and realized I forgot a whole section of the list. :-p Picked up C on time and had a great list of cars to check out. We made homemade pizza for dinner and had a conversation about Farting. It was actually quite funny. Did I get a shower? I think so

Friday. C is up and being pushed out the door. But still made it to school on time. Got the boys started on their projects and current events. Then left with S to try to buy a new car. After an 80 minute drive and finding the place, I missed a great deal by 5 minutes. After sticking around to see if they would buy it or not they eventually did. We checked out several other places and found nothing. We just got back in time to get C from school. We made cheese burger mac for dinner and the kids went nuts about it. Then up to Mom and Dad’s room to watch a movie. Hotel Transylvania. Cute movie lots of laughs then off to bed.

Saturday. C did not take her ADHD med. uggggggggggggg. Everyone up and dressed. Time to pick up Father-in-Law for a hour plus drive to look at another car. WOW it snowed last night. 1-2 inches. We found a car, yeah. Now have to figure out how to register it to get it home. Tonight we are on our way to family’s house to watch tonight’s NASCAR race. Kids are wound and this should be interesting. All things considered it went really well. C crashed and burned about 9 on the dog’s bed.
I just have to say I am still breathing and no one has been killed yet. Metaphorically that is. My love for my wife has greatly increased this week. I have no idea how she does it.

Sunday came around and I have not heard from Mindy yet but did not expect to because of the lack of internet. Everyone up between 630 to 700 and out to church in the ice storm at 8 made it on time barely. Then came the big surprise - a text from Mindy in the middle of church. It was so great to hear. After service come to find out that all the spouses were texting. Hung out at home and went to bed early. Good thing; I feel like I am running out of gas.

Monday 2 boys in school and C on vacation this should be interesting. Well the boys got math and multiple projects done as well as current events. Good Day. To bed early and up to register car and pick it up tomorrow.

Tuesday. Up early and strangely enough so were each of the kids. Well got everyone settled with their responsibilities and left to register car. WOW that went smooth. Off to pick up Father-in-Law. Got our new car and now for the painful part filling it with gas the first time. Well bad enough; head for home to pick up trailer hitch and get oil changed. Now came the bad part and the crush of my day and week. I have till this point been very proud that I bought the car and still had money left over for our emergency fund. During the oil change they found a gas leak and a bad one at that. Everyone tells me there is no way to have predicted or seen this. But I am still having trouble believing that. Tomorrow it goes into the shop to get fixed. The bill could be anything from $125 to $600. I know better but feel like I have let everyone down especially my bride. It’s really hard to wonder if I made a big mistake or this was just an unavoidable thing. I guess we will find out tomorrow. I know that God has won the battle but it’s really hard to say God you’re in charge. But that is what I am claiming and no matter what happens tomorrow is God’s victory.

Wednesday. School, housecleaning, car, mail, and God’s Victory are the order of the day. This should be fun. Everyone this morning is showing signs of wear and tear, but we are working our way through it. Today I am hoping that my new glasses will come. My old ones are now hurting my face. We started a new way of doing current events this week and it has been very good. So far the new rules have been very good I pray that it continues. Well home from the morning errands and no new glasses yet but a discount card from the car repair store came in the mail and that is the first answer to prayer today. Just checked on our glasses order and they are still processing the order. This is very frustrating as the realization sinks in that I will not have new glasses before going back to work.

Thursday to Saturday. WoW this time is over already. We are cleaning up the last little before Mom comes home. 2 are having pre-teen hormone issues. C has caught a head cold. My frustration is high but doing ok. We are picking up the car today hopefully fixed. If not I will have to take it back next week.

This has been a huge learning experience for all. We changed some things and left things alone. I have a huge respect for any single parent raising kids. I did not have to go to work and still had trouble keeping up. I am so happy that my wife is coming home to help with all of the daily activities. I am finding out that I love and miss my wife more than ever and I thank God for this.

But this is just a Dads opinion……..

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