Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Purell #shopletreviews.

Shoplet.com asked if I would review some cleaning products from Purell. I normally don't use anti-bacterial products as I feel that using them too much can cause more resistant germs, however, with a trip to Ethiopia coming up, I said "Sure!" I didn't want to be sick before the trip, and I needed to take anti-bacterial with me to Ethiopia.

They sent these products for me to try:

First, I mounted the dispenser on our downstairs bathroom wall. This is the bathroom that guests use, so it is great having it there. The dispenser was easy to load and use. The sanitizer is in a flexible plastic bottle with a hard neck ring. The neck ring fits into a plastic piece in the dispenser. Give it a twist and it's in. The pump on the dispenser is easy to pull to release the sanitizer. Even the 3-year-old could use it! Having it in that bathroom proved useful as it is off the rooms where we spend the most time: family room and kitchen. The dispenser is white with the Purell logo on it. It does look like it belongs in a commercial setting. It would be nicer if they had a line of decorator colors that could match your decor. The logo is nice, though, so that people know it is sanitizer and not soap. The dispenser is only $6.83, so that could be affordable for home use. However, the refill is $17.77 each, so that might be too expensive for some.

The Jelly Wrap holds a small Purell bottle and allows you to hang the bottle from your purse, backpack, or even your belt loop (if you feel you need to defend germs at all times). :) You can refill the tiny 0.5 oz bottles from a larger pump bottle instead of buying new tiny bottles frequently and get a better cost savings. The jelly wrap does hold it tightly, but it isn't too much trouble to take the bottle out and work it back in. People with arthritis or other hand strength issues would have a more difficult time. There is a "handle" piece that pushes through a hole in the jelly wrap to secure it to what you are hanging it from. I wonder if this hole will become too big over time so that it isn't held securely, but it hasn't happened so far. It was helpful to have a hanging bottle like this when I was in Africa as you need it so often. When I came home, I didn't take the jelly wrap on a day trip, and I almost went into a panic not having disinfectant after using a rest area bathroom. Thankfully my  mom was along and had some! Now the jelly wrap hangs on my purse in case the need arises.

We were worried about how much the frequent use of Purell would dry our skin. It did dry out our hands, but we didn't get sick very often. I feel that is a good trade-off. :)

These products were provided to me free of charge in exchange for a truthful review. All opinions are my own.


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