Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Thoughts on the Boston Marathon 4-15-13

Photo: Jennifer Schulten 
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As one who lives close to Boston and has a spouse who is in Boston daily, yesterday's events hit close to home. As we process what happened and wait to see what "normal" will be, I find I can't pray enough. Praying without ceasing doesn't seem to be enough, and yet it is all I can do. The stories of bystanders helping the injured, runners donating blood, and more are heart-warming. I pray that if I had been there, I would have been one of those who helped.

When an event happens like this, you search for anything you can do that might help. So you pray and post encouraging words and share pictures of encouragement. Because that is all you can do. Please know that everyone's support does help. Knowing that the rest of the country stands behind the city you love does help. So, please keep everyone in your prayers. Wear your race shirts or Boston Athletics Association's colors of blue and yellow to show your support. Share words of encouragement. Pray. And stand strong, Boston.

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