Friday, November 29, 2013

One degree of separation

So, I found out yesterday that my hubby was in a film with Kevin Bacon! Married almost 19 years, and life is still never boring!

Well, ok, Mike was an extra in a movie that Kevin was an extra in. So, today we had to search and figure out what the movie was so we could watch it! And we found the whole movie on YouTube! (For now anyway...)

The piece of the movie from 10:36-27:50 was filmed at Marine Military Academy, Harlingen, TX, where Mike went to High School.

At 11:10, he is one of the front guys marching, he is walking out of a building, and he is raking -- all at the same time! ;) He remembers being in a total of 6 spots in this scene at the same time, however, since it was filmed in 1979 and this video quality is poor, he can't point them out. (FYI - that troop marched up and down the street for 4 hours during filming.)

At 11:33, that could be him in a close up. Again, hard to tell with the video quality.

At 13:05, he is on the right, outside, walking by the window.

At 20:54, one of the cadets.

At 26:35, one of the uniformed cadets.

1:33:03, the school is listed in the credits. (However, neither Mike nor Kevin Bacon are listed.) :)

Any brushes with celebrity in your past? :)


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