Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas and come on in!

Merry Christmas!

I enjoyed inviting everyone in for Thanksgiving (and my bloggy-friend Linny suggested), so I'm doing it again! Come on in and join our Christmas! If you haven't seen it yet, our (non-traditional) Christmas card is here. I have to admit I'm feeling the weight this morning of everything going on around here. I'm ready for a Selah day. And maybe a nap. And it's only 7am. But, as Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday and I LOVE celebrating JESUS, let's get this party started!!

Mike reading the Christmas story from Luke 2
Jesse looking on

Me (Mindy) and Seth (he is bummed because sick...)

Cassie and Jasmine beagle

Sophie beagle

A new armband for my cell phone
Time to get back to running!

Classic cartoons on DVD

Piled with love
Jesse & Cassie with their Minecraft figures

Mike with Mickey Mouse. It came with candy. :)

I got slippers! Yay!

Jasmine beagle needs to be touching someone.
Too much going on.

I think Cassie likes her sparkly purple nail polish.

A DVD of the movie Mike was in
The Bermuda Triangle (1979)

Fuzzy sleep pants

A bendable camera stand

Risk Battlefield

A new comforter!
Ours has lots of holes that our feet get caught in.

Money for Snow Camp!

"Delete all cookies? The end is near!"
Jesse's gaming name is "Cookies." :)

We now play for a bit and head over to my family's house for lunch and presents with extended family!

Traditional Christmas lunch of waffles with peanut butter,
peaches, strawberries, chocolate syrup, whipped cream...

Tessa and her presents

Matthew got a Red Sox ball cap

Bailey is a good pillow

Elijah got Hulk hands... and he was giving himself upper cuts to the jaw

Tessa in her new hat


Seth and his dinosaur hat




Matthew in the laundry basket

Matthew's Iron Man mask

Morgan with her dolphin necklace

Jesse's Minecraft torch

Jasmine is all tired out!

Next up - relaxing, movie watching (The North Avenue Irregulars), a yummy dinner of turkey dumpling stew, and a "Happy Birthday Jesus" cheesecake!

Oh so yummy turkey dumpling stew!

Our "Happy Birthday, Jesus!" cheesecake
We don't have an eternal flame, so we got as close to eternity in numbers as we could. :)
And, of course, we sang Happy Birthday.

Cousins playing legos :)

Thank you for joining us. <3 We pray that you all had a very merry Christmas and took time to remember that Jesus' birth, death, and resurrection are the reason we celebrate. Thank you, Jesus!

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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

To think that the Creator of everything in the universe wanted so badly to have a personal relationship with me, that He sent His only son. His son was born to a girl of no importance in her world.
Why not in a palace?

He lived sinless. He died a brutal death so that I, who can not be sinless, could have that personal relationship with the Creator.
Why not another way?

If I only believe, look to the Creator, and ask for Him, I am His.
Why don't I have to do more?

I have learned that faith means trusting in advance what will only make sense in reverse.”~ Philip Yancey

It is amazing to realize, in reverse, that the universe's Creator became a flesh and blood man to show us Who He is. God still chooses to work through unlikely people. And His death, as the only sacrifice without sin, paid the price for our sin and unfaithfulness. It doesn't always make sense, but with faith while looking in reverse, we can start to understand and be thankful.

In 2013, we have been learning more about faith and trust:
    Our house being on the market for a short sale since June 1...
    Not yet knowing where we will live after the sale closes...
    Mike being out of work for 6 weeks for hernia repair surgery...
    Cars breaking down while Mike is out of work...
We could say “Why, God? Why now? Why us?” Instead, we choose to trust that God knew about this before we did. This is not a surprise to Him, and He will provide. He has been providing and blessing us in many ways that overwhelm us including...
    A local mission that provides dinners, pantry food, and love...
    Money to repair the truck brakes...
    Friends letting us borrow a car until we can replace of the one that failed inspection... Church family showing their love with gifts of food, money, gifts, themselves...
And even if this is only to teach us to completely trust Him, it will “...make sense in reverse.”

With love and prayers that God blesses you far above anything you could even imagine (Ephesians 3:20)…

Merry Christmas!

~ Mike, Mindy, Jesse, Seth, and Cassie

This life, this love, was always meant to be 
A wild, crazy adventure, discovering The thrill, the rush, 
the more of You I see The more it leaves me wanting 
You're everything, You're everything
- Bethel MusicJenn Johnson - Chasing You
From the album Tides


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

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