By supporting these sponsors, you will help our family. :) If you would, please visit these.


Save on your cell phone bill with Ting! Use their savings calculator to see how much. And when you click through this link and activate service, we both will receive a Ting credit!

Sign up for Dropbox through this link and we each get more space. Best part is it's free!

Click this link to get 20% off your glasses at 39DollarGlasses.com. We've used them for years. We love the quality and the price!

Rent your first Redbox movie online & get a free 1-night rental! I will, too, if you use my link. Thanks for helping us have more family fun nights together!

I love using LastPass to store all of our passwords. With everything needing a password, we have too many to remember. We used to use the same couple of passwords for everything, but that is dangerous. Once someone discovers your password for one page, they will try it on others and be successful. LastPass stores your passwords securely and will auto enter them if you choose. By having them stored, you can create more secure passwords and even have LastPass generate the password for you. Safe and secure. And, you can access it from your laptop, desktop, pad, or phone. Give it a try through my link and we will both get a free month of LastPass Premium!

Read my post about RoadID

Once a friend installs avast! Free Antivirus via this link and starts using it, a credit is counted toward my avast! Account. If I reach the needed number of friends, I can download a free Internet Security license. avast! Free Antivirus – World's most popular antivirus frequently outranks competitors' paid-for suites in independent tests. Our family loves it because it has a small footprint on your hard drive and doesn't suck resources and slow down your computer like other antivirus software.

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